I-THANA CO., LTD. we are the company which produce & distribute Metal Sheet forming which’s the material for Roofing, Siding and Assembly part, Louver ventilator and so on.These the one choice for construction and building design ; Showroom building, Industrial factory, Warehouse and also Residence. Under “I-THANA” brand, all products has been selected & produce from the excellent quality material thoroughly the operational process. We realize to be the consultant, service and safety for our customer and also our employee. Which’s the policy on our working.

I-THANA CO., LTD. was established since 2003 for business on product Metal Sheet forming in which’s the policies on Product’s quality, Quality assurance that’s meet to the customer’s satisfaction, Operational safety and the Potential development in organization.

We are always realized for the successful on our customer and willing to be the consultant for technical information, design and product installation and also to solve any problem that may be occurred in the work as absolutely.